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                  Multifunctional small latex products dipping machine


                  Brief introduction of production line:

                  1.     The natural latex product line adopts the plate type direct immersion way, the film formation is uniform, the color is bright, the production line length is 25 meters, may produce the balloon, the finger cover, the air bag, the condom and many kinds of unusual latex products and so on.

                  2.     The machine carries on the humanized design according to the natural latex solidification molding craft, has the flow reasonable, the automatic balance restores the glue system, causes the product to be stable, the coating thickness and thin length is uniform, has no droop point, the temperature is uniform, Production output can be customized according to customer requirements, easy and simple demoulding and other characteristics.

                  3.     The oven adopts the principle of hot air circulation, which makes the oven temperature even and chemical fiber asbestos insulation material, which effectively ensures that the temperature will not be lost, thus improving the use of the heat efficiency of the machine. The machine heating system adopts PID temperature intelligent instrument. With high-performance control switch, improve the accuracy of temperature control, thereby improving the product's qualified rate.

                  4, specially designed elastic piston type die connection device, the replacement die operation is simple, no drop die phenomenon appears;

                  Production line technical parameters:



                  Mechanical dimensions (meters)


                  Speed (board / min)


                  Output (unit / hour)


                  Energy Consumption ( Card / Hour )


                  Power (kW / h)


                  Machine show:

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